About Us . the company

R.J.C. Associates, Inc. is a technology company with extensive experience designing and developing cutting edge custom software solutions, using the most recent state-of the art Microsoft .NET development software. Our developers are highly motivated technology professionals with the ability to create elegant and innovative solutions to tough problems.

We design solutions keeping your business requirements as well as technical requirements in mind. We are not an outsourcing company. All programming is done in-house. We believe in close local control and accountability for our projects.

We provide technology services and solutions that help clients compete in their markets and improve their operations. What do we bring to the table? Serving the business community since 1980 we have developed a business insight, a diverse range of technological excellence, comprehensive knowledge of market research, creativity and out-of-box thinking plus the ability to see the big picture of your company’s information technology needs.

We cater to all industries, and have developed programs for Airline machines, Audio / Video News and Motion Picture Industry, Energy Professional Association, Warehouse Logistics, Mail Order Pattern, Home and Commercial building, Pipe fitters construction companies, Mechanical Insulation, Moving and Storage, Legal consulting firms, Medical Records correspondence with H.I.P.P.A compliance, Electric Manufacturing Warehouse, Dental Office record keeping, Auto resale, beauty product distribution and more.